Beside my blog, I write content for the qmunicate magazine which is a students’ magazine from the University of Glasgow. Find my published articles here:

I’m thrilled to share my first article published in the Qmunicate magazine in 2021. Visit the post to emerge in a fantasy tale about originality
What is identity? Good question, let’s explore it further, shall we?
I’m not good enough for this – sounds familiar? My new piece addresses exactly such form of self-doubt.
Thrilled to share my first political piece – a critical reflection on the newly popular political joker persona
This article explores our attitude towards disappointment from unmet expectations in life.
This article was created in response to an open pitch which asked the writer to take a stance towards the topic of tattoos.
In this article I dive into the new world of dating in times of a global pandemic dictating social distancing.

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