Chapter 32: You are single?

I have been thinking about the way society treats the status of being a single a lot lately. If we carry the badge of singleness, society expects us to be actively looking for a new date. The pursuit of love seems like a sport we were all signed up for, even if the single-player mode may fit our life’s tournament better…

Chapter 31: Sexuality

In the past, my world did not accommodate any form of untraditional sexuality until it came to my awareness how unbelievably redneck my beliefs about sexes, sexuality, and genders were…

Protected: Chapter 30: Hypocrite

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chapter 29: I tried writing a book

At the age of 12, my mind resembled a jolly playground of spinning fantasies and swinging creativity. As my fantasy world expanded every day, I also began to knit characters and stories around it. Eventually, it became impossible for me to keep all this yarn of tales locked away in my head, and that is how I came to my first attempt of writing a book.

Chapter 25: Happiness is a mindset

Why can things not work out for me for once? You have perhaps asked yourself this question too, one time or another.

Nobody can outrun disappointment, frustration, bad luck, or loss. Yet, we chose how much we let these harbingers of unhappiness affect us, discourage us, and throw us off balance.

Chapter 10: Q&A

36 questions to fall in love with somebody: These 36 questions where derived by science with the aim to create a conversation that can establish intimacy with anybody. So, let’s play this little game of Q&A. shall we?

Chapter 1: A little bit about myself, no scrap that…Chapter 1: the cute guy from the gym

Traditionally, I would introduce myself to you in this very first chapter. But I decided to break with tradition because, frankly, I am way too excited to share the juicy stories of my life with you. So, I will skip the introduction for now and get right to the most interesting story of today: a story about this cute gym guy.