Chapter 4: Living off 10 Pounds per week and other depressing student realities

I am guessing that you expect a Fresher to be careless, reckless, and inexperienced. You probably associate a Fresher with a young adult who is celebrating their freedom and rite of passage by drinking extensively and partying harder than studying. I do not intend to confirm this stereotype. Instead, I want to challenge this image of the typical life as first year student.

Chapter 3: How I wasted a day on social media stalking

The internet is a great and scary invention because the internet knows everything. No matter how hard you are trying to hide yourself, there will always be something, especially something cringy and spicy, to be found about you.

Chapter 1: A little bit about myself, no scrap that…Chapter 1: the cute guy from the gym

Traditionally, I would introduce myself to you in this very first chapter. But I decided to break with tradition because, frankly, I am way too excited to share the juicy stories of my life with you. So, I will skip the introduction for now and get right to the most interesting story of today: a story about this cute gym guy.