Chapter 51: A confession of love

Magic. It’s when a man with a black silk hat presents the same plain hat to the audience and lets a bunny jump out of it seconds later. He’s a man who convinces you that everything you deemed impossible can become reality. The truth is that he doesn’t actually outsmart the laws of nature. He simply creates reality quicker than your mind can fathom. Magic doesn’t encompass the unreal but rather all that our mind can’t comprehend with its compressed logic.

You are magic in my life. When I’m with you my emotions steer me quicker than my brain can shift gears. I race with you through a summer worth of feelings, visions, and memories – only that it all happens in a fraction of a day. This is exactly why I can hardly catch up with processing all the seemingly endless, colourful ties you pull out from your sleeve. You’re full of surprises, and I relish each and every one of them with a child’s excited curiosity.

Like a magician you mesmerise me with your act, your words, your ability. You leave me speechless and impressed, yearning to see more. It isn’t unlikely that I may be your biggest fan who’s willing to follow you to any stage, who’d cheer you on behind any curtain, and who’s looking forward to being mesmerised again and again by you. You may not know it but I dream of being the woman who performs beside you, wears your silk hat when you hand it to me, encourages you to make the bunny a tiger, and creates all sorts of magical realities together with you.

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