Chapter 44: Twelve steps to self-care

Restless. Dissatisfied. Disappointed. Tired. Unmotivated. Drained. Exhausted. Angry. Upset. Sad. Frustrated. Lonely. Forgotten. Unloved. Unlovable. Feeling any of these emotions calls for self-care. Feeling several of those emotions urgently begs for a soothing bath in self-care.

This post is entirely devoted to the practise of looking after oneself.

  1. First and foremost, love yourself. You deserve to be loved, especially by yourself.
  2. Commit all headspace to things that make you feel merry. Pour all your attention onto the positives within you as well as around you.
  3. Treat yourself gently. Be kind-hearted and kind to your heart.
  1. Allow yourself to feel down. Don’t pressure yourself by expecting peak performances at all times. Everyone traverses bad periods – in fact, we need to see our worst shape in order to distinguish the great from the good, and the good from the bad days.
  2. Pledge time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, you should always be able to spare a handful of minutes for your very self and the things you enjoy. Taking care of yourself requires time, invest it!
  3. Honour yourself. Appreciate your journey with all its accomplishments and failures. Remember where the person you are now, once came from.
  1. Stick to your own principles and plans. You promised yourself a treat after some deadline? Keep these kinds of promises just as much as the deadlines you laid out for your work.
  2. Rank up your priority of self-care particularly during monsoons of challenges and stress.
  3. Gift yourself a smile in the mirror – a big, broad smile that says I see you, I value you, I like you.
  1. Breathe. Breathe consciously – in and out; in

and out;


and out.

Notice how a steady breath reconnects you with yourself. It takes as little as one deep breath flushing your lungs with cleansing air to relax tension and calm you down.

  1. Acknowledge the thoughts which tower in your head; tune into the emotions which occupy you. Understand where they are rooted in and amend them if necessary.
  2. You deserve to be cared for, so commit to regular dates with yourself, looking after yourself.

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