Chapter 16: Up and down

I thought, I spice things up this week by presenting some poetry of mine. I admit, I do not create half as many poems as I wish I did. On top of that, I believe that not even half of the poems I do actually write are well presentable – mainly because I am no natural for matching the number of syllables across lines. Nevertheless, I am very proud of this particular piece that I share with you here. It is perhaps my best one yet.

The poem “Up and down” was written during a very emotional time. Thinking about it, all my poems were, in fact, carved out of heavy emotion. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the exact circumstances that inspired me to write “Up and down”. Checking the date of creation on my PC, which is by the way a super handy feature, I can only speculate about what must have motivated and inspired me to write it.

Apparently, I created it on the 25th April 2019. Funnily enough, this is now almost exactly a year ago. On the 25th April 2019 I believe that I was still in my post-breakup phase, wherein I re-invented myself by trying lots of various new things while seeking successful rebound. I know, I know, this background story reinforces the stereotype that poems always stem from either heartbreak or newly-found love. To be honest though, you cannot deny that love is the most powerful emotion, and since poetry is a largely emotional-driven genre, the stereotype does not base itself on nothing.

Poetry allows you to unload all your feelings, all your thoughts, in a highly artful and elegant way. Also, poems are vague and metaphoric, painting extensive scenery in your head by using only a little number of words. Out of all literature types, I would argue that poetry represents the prettiest one. However, it also manifests the least straight-forward literature when it comes to the question of interpretation. The fewer the amount of words, the higher the ambiguity, meaning that every individual reader will naturally imagine something starkly different from other readers while reading each verse of a poem. We resolve the ambiguity by drawing from our own experience, projecting our own emotions, memories, and beliefs into the lines of poetry. This is exactly what makes poetry so beautiful, so powerful, wholesome, and emotional.

With this being said, I will now leave you to the highlight of this post. May everyone of you get something different out of it; the poem is yours for the taking!

I go through high,

I go through low,

An ever-changing, rolling flow.

Up and down,

Steep and shallow.

Sometimes hard,

Sometimes mellow.

The gloomy days of darkening,

When all goes wrong – just everything

Falling apart,



maybe breaking.

Out of time, out of place,

The rhythm disrupted,

Out of pace.

I don’t care,

I don’t chase,

All I do

is endure this phase.

From depression arise anew,

New strength, new hope,

A whole new view.

Skies are clearing, revealing blue,

My world regains its range of hue.

Joy returns, and so does ambition.

Prospects driving, no inhibition.

Increasing steps towards my mission.

Reclaiming control and cognition.

Just nothing seems to work my way,

my spirit drowns in dreary grey.

Unstable mood, my temper raw,

my vision trapped in pitch noir.

Eventually, I reach the ground

of cold despair – my failures pound.


Only void to be found.

Everyone peaks from time to time

in moments when we truly shine.

The odds in favour, all turns out fine;

we get rewarded for our hard time.

So, up and down do co-exist,

circling in an infinite twist.

Regardless at what point you are,

remember that you went through all

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