Chapter 13: Introspection

Chapter 13a: Feeling Lost

Feeling lost is when yesterday made sense and today does not anymore. You wake up beginning to question what you believed was set in stone. You start doubting the destination that you had laid out for yourself, and you are not so sure if you are on the right path anymore. Somehow, your once strongly determined strut became a directionless wander. Unsure where to go, you stop walking and find yourself standing at this intersection of your life.

Something has provoked this very feeling of uncertainty – yeah, feeling of doubt – inside you.  It may have been somebody who stirred up your heart; it may have been an event, a situation, or somewhat changed circumstances that rattled your mind. It can hit you from one heartbeat to another and you find yourself asking:

Where do I go from here?

Intuitively, you set your eyes onto the horizon, hoping you will spot the answer to this question. Yet, the horizon – an everchanging impression of vast opportunities – may seem too far and unreliable for telling you where to go to next. As your vision blurs in the distance, preventing you to look ahead, thick fog crawls on your road.

 You may catch a clearer sight onto the road ahead by turning around to look back for a moment.  Recalling where you came from can bring the horizon back into focus because the essence of yourself lies within your past.

So, standing at this intersection, you are prompted to halt and tune into your inner voice. At first, your inner voice may seem inaudible as your restless breath is drowning it. However, the more you leave your day’s noise behind, the clearer it will speak to you.  It will help you to redefine your values and reset your heart’s course. Then, when you have finally channelled a sense of meaning and determination back, you are ready to continue walking, leaving the intersection behind.

When you feel lost, take a glimpse onto your inner compass; it will reveal to you the course towards your goals, with your virtues setting the sails.

Chapter 13b: Essence of Life

Perhaps the purpose of life is to figure ourselves out. Maybe we are born and sent onto a journey in this big, wide world only to learn the skills which eventually allow us to make sense of our body and mind. We get to experience many different things. We are regularly required to cope with new circumstances, and we meet new people as we go along. With every new day we can learn something new about ourselves; in fact, the best lessons derive from the failures we make.

Sometimes we can even get a second chance when circumstances, people, or fate repeat themselves. We can then prove what we have learned from our past. If you will, every single new day can be your second chance to improve a little bit on eventually becoming the version of yourself that you want to be.

But sometimes it requires a deeper investigation into us before we can change. Sometimes we need to dive deeply into the ocean of our soul to reach the core where our behaviour, our mindset, and our feelings are rooted in.  As with any dive, the deeper you want to go, the more preparation time, investment into training, and skilled expertise you rely upon. So, perhaps the purpose of our life unfolds as we stay patient and understanding for our own shortcomings, while trying our very best every day to come a little closer in figuring ourselves out.

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