Chapter 1: A little bit about myself, no scrap that…Chapter 1: the cute guy from the gym

Traditionally, I would introduce myself to you in this very first chapter. I would tell you about my hobbies, about how much I love singing, or baking bread; about how obsessed I am with the gym, or about what I study at university. But I decided to break with tradition because, frankly, I am way too excited to share the juicy stories of my life with you. So, I will skip the introduction for now and get right to the most interesting story of today: a story about this cute gym guy.

I’m a person that goes to the gym a lot, and by a lot I mean five days a week. If you ever went to a gym then you know that many kinds of people can be seen there. First and foremost, there are the bulky boys showing off their muscles, which look so huge and intimidating as if they were about to rip their clothes apart (I imagine these guys have a high turnover of sport shirts because their muscles must grow out of their tight vests so quickly). Then, we have the people who feel the need to express to everyone how intensely they are working out. We all get annoyed by their overly loud moans and groans – the gym is not the effin’ tennis court people!

Furthermore, there are the people who will block the machines unnecessarily as they are working out no single muscle but their fingers on their phones. I think we can all agree that these lingering-around-and-blocking-the-machines social media addicts are the worst type of gym goers. We also have the extremely dedicated athletes, who will either inspire you, or make you feel forever inferior. Lastly and importantly, there are the cute people – the hot guys and girls that we cannot take our eyes off, and that make us squat extra hard when they are walking past.

This morning in the gym I met my friend Naomi who is the most wholesome, and sweetest soul in this world. A while back I had told her about this cute guy that I kept seeing in the gym, but did not dare approach. Since Naomi and I both workout at about the same time, we naturally encounter the same people in our gym. Assuming that Naomi might have come across this cute guy, I described him to her. I have to admit though that my description was as generic as it can get really:

He has dark hair, is very fit,and always goes in the morning” – yeah, that description suits about every fifth guy in the gym, I know.

Still, Naomi got back to me shortly after we had talked about this cute gym guy. In a Whatsapp voice message she explained to me, with the excitement of a teenager to be honest, how she had worked out on the stairs (a cardio machine designed like stairs) right next to said cute gym guy. She was so thrilled claiming how she would know what guy I had talked about earlier because this guy next to her on the stairs fitted my description 100%.

Again, I need to emphasise here, that my description was as generic as an IKEA shelf. Nevertheless, Naomi was convinced that she had seen my cute guy in the gym. Apparently, he was German, so she had been able to understand the conversation he had with his pal. Naomi told me how the cute gym guy had mentioned a very attractive, fit girl, with very blue eyes, that he kept seeing in the gym. Apparently, he also memtioned that this cute girl would always ignore him. Hearing this, Naomi remembered how I had told her that I am always “in my zone” while working out. So, Naomi did the maths and concluded that the girl he was talking about could have been nobody else than me (this all sounds very confusing and entangled to you? – Don’t worry, it is just like your ordinary romcom.)

I love how naïve and romanticised Naomi’s mind must be. The funny thing is that just today, when I went to the gym and bumped into Naomi, cute gym guy – well, the guy Naomi had believed to be my cute gym guy – was on the stairs right behind us again. As to be expected, it was not the same guy I had talked about. Yet, I had noticed this guy before too. He was also cute, with his dark, long hair; his well-built body; and his young Tom Cruise visage. However, in my opinion cute gym guy 2 was a little bit too bulky and not as hot as actual cute gym guy.

At lunch time I then coincidentally ran into cute gym guy 2 (remember this is not the original cute gym guy I talked about and just the guy Naomi had believed to be him) while I was waiting for a friend. Wearing normal clothes, he, for some weird reason, seemed hotter than before in the gym. Luckily, I had decided to wear one of my sexiest tops today, one which displayed my cleavage and figure outspokenly flattering. So, I wanted him (cute gym guy 2) to see and notice me. Like a silly teenage girl, I got up and looked out for him while pretending to be looking for a friend. My plan succeeded as cute gym guy 2 saw me and, guess what, even checked me out. I did not have the guts to flirt with him though. Don’t tell me, I know what a disappointment I am…shame on me for giving you this anti-climax after this super complicated and confusing storytelling.

Nevertheless, the point of the story is two things. First, my friend Naomi is just too cute. Second, movies lie when they pretend coincidences are real, wherein the main character finds a guy hot; and then her best friend happens to eavesdrop on the hot guy who is of course talking about finding this girl (the main character), who never talks to him, attractive too; and so the story ends with a big happy ending after masive miscommunications and confusions. Oh, and the third point is of course, that I somehow and in a weirdly fated way ended up being interested in cute gym guy 2 after all. Let’s see how the story continues. I’ll keep you posted.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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