Hey to everyone who is reading this!

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Oscar Wilde

Today was the day I treated myself to a new diary notebook along with a buttery, fluffy croissant, as well as falafel from the Tesco reduced section. I think the last time I wrote into a diary is about 10 years ago when I was still a premature teenager. But on a whim I got inspired to write my diary again. Truth be told, yesterday evening I was just desperately looking for a new hobby to fill up my free time with, and the idea of writing a diary essentially won me over at around 10 pm. By the time this idea sprung into my head, all shops were already closed of course, which is why I ended up buying a brand-new notebook today.

I came across this extremely cute gift shop that had all kinds of stuff, from responsibly-sourced body products to funny post cards (You know the ones that just try to hard to be funny). Amidst fancy notebooks and calendars, I then found this gorgeous pink diary, with its cover saying: “Collect memories not things”. I immediately fell in love, especially with the quote on the front. As you can guess, I bought it, went home, and started to write.

To my surprise I managed to scribble into my diary for two hours straight. That is two hours, or 120 minutes of writing by hand without putting down my pen. I repeat, that is two hours of writing by hand. This is seriously the longest time I have spent writing without putting my pen down or taking a break since my last university exam, which reflects how much catching up I had to do with my thoughts, my younger self, and my life in general.

Anyways, writing into my new diary got me inspired to also create a virtual, blog-style diary that I can share with you guys. To me this is the perfect way of becoming creative, communicating a message, and to produce something meaningful that lasts. I hope you enjoy it, even though my thoughts might be a bit all over the place from time to time because there are so many interesting and important things to write about. On that note I leave you to exploring my blog, and I wish you the greatest joy in reading.

With love,


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